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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 8, 2014 12:42am-1:13am EST

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♪ this is "nightline." tonight -- the nondivorce. their family portrait is a pretty picture but these parents are keeping their family under one roof while bringing dates inside. plus, after war, what's next for sebastian junger and his band of brothers? tonight, their incredible journey home. and, new heights. would you drop out of the plane on live television?
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our ginger zee said yes, and we're taking you along for the right. but first, the "nightline" five. ♪ music ♪ it's so important to make someone happy ♪ ♪ make just one heart to heart you ♪ ♪ music ♪ you sing to one smile that cheers you ♪ ♪ one face that lights when it nears you ♪ [ male announcer ] play the monopoly millionaires' club lottery game.
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making more and more millionaires. ♪ good evening. when a marriage crumbles, does it have to be horrible and horribly expensive?
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not for the couple you're about to meet. they say they're one big happy family under one roof while dating on the side. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: this couple is holding a ceremony. >> let's begin. >> reporter: renewing their v s vows? not exactly. >> we're releasing these rings. >> reporter: today, in a new age ritual you may only find in san francisco, they're handing them back over and uncoupling. they no longer consider each other husband and wife, but they will continue to live together in order to raise jonah. is there any sense of mourning or loss doing this?
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>> no. it's actually exciting. we've grieved a lot of our relationship so long ago. >> reporter: but that isn't the way it usually works. in movies, divorce often gets ugly. >> get out of the car. okay. >> reporter: no wonder in real life, when gwynethp altrow and her husband decided to uncouple earlier this year. your wife says, i want to date other people. what goes through your mind? >> i remember initially being
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shocked, and then, that sounds interesting to me, too. >> reporter: so, this is clark's room? and this is your room? their relationship wasn't always like this. what was your wedding like? >> it was magical. >> reporter: it was her first time walking down the aisle, and clark's third. >> i was grieving the loss of my father. and had some depression around that. with all that, i started to withdraw. >> reporter: their young marriage was failing. why not just part ways, go through divorce like so many couples? >> i've been down that road before. >> reporter: so, even a
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separation wasn't on the table. >> no. >> we weren't considering changing the structure of our family. >> reporter: centered around jonah, who they were determined to protect. you have friends with parents who are divorced. what is that like for them? >> they're sad most of the time, and they are sometimes gloomy when i come over to their houses. >> reporter: how would it make you feel for your parents to get a divorce? >> it would make me sad. but if they were still friends, we would be fine. >> children don't understand what's happening, they feel as if it may be something they did wrong. >> reporter: and it's not just emotional, it's financial. couples pay an average of
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$50,000 to resolve contested divorces. that's according to this documentary. >> that's what i charge. >> reporter: they decided not to go that route. instead, they've been experimenting with an open marriage. for the last few months, valerie has been in a serious relationship with a man named joseph. it may seem weird for a wife to have a boyfriend, but they have unwritten rules for dating. >> what's going on? >> just getting ready. >> reporter: do you sleep over with other people here? >> well, we give each other private time. but most of it is spent elsewhere. >> how are you? >> good. >> reporter: and the most
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important rule, they can only introduce serious partners to their son. what is that like for you? >> it's fun. >> it's been seamless having all of us hang out. they like each other, so i feel fortunate that way. >> reporter: tonight, they're all meeting up for dinner together. these longtime friends struggled to get to this point in their relationship. but to an outsider, there's still a potential for awkward moments. >> if one person feels like the other is pushing them into the situation, it won't work. >> reporter: you grew up in traditional families. is it tough for them to accept this? >> they wanted us to put it in
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one box or another. are you going to get a divorce to stay together? it's difficult to grasp. >> reporter: clark says it's difficult to explain this to potential dates. he says getting married a fourth time isn't in the cards for him, valerie says it could happen. >> i think we're through the tough stuff. questioning jealousy, insecuri y insecurity. >> what are we doing? yeah. >> reporter: they've figured out how to be happy as a family. and a legal divorce is not on the horizon, at least not for now. next, the last patrol.
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♪ if you could earn a phd in male bonding, sebastian junger would be a phi beta kappa. he spent two decades documenting the realities of war.
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but tonight, a new journey begins, and we're along for the last patrol. >> cross the valley. >> reporter: for nearly 20 ere lows of the war zone, from bosnia to afghanistan. >> calling in the artillery. >> reporter: he embedded for nearly a year. >> tim broke his leg in combat. i got blown up by an i.e.d. >> reporter: they risked their lives to bring "nightline" this
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foota footage. later, it was included in the osca oscar-nominated documenta documentary "restrepo." but heatherington was killed. >> because he died, i was never going to cover war again. i got out. >> reporter: and that's where his newest film begins. he discovered film from tim as they traveled on a train to new york. >> just checking out the next story. >> we need to do it. >> reporter: what was that moment like?
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>> when we found that clip, it was heartbreaking and chilling. i felt incredibly guilty, maybe it should have been me instead of him. i understand it's not a rational thought. but i understood other people that had ptsd. >> reporter: so, he set out with a band of brothers, to rediscover america after so many years of oversea battles. it's his latest documentary for hbo. >> i still made the trip, with guillermo, and brendan, and dave. the four of us set out from washington, d.c., and walked north right up the east coast. >> reporter: walking along the tracks is illegal. to avoid detention, they camped
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out with no tent and lived off the land as much as possible. >> this was my pillow, it's a heated, furry pillow. if you could buy that at walmart, people would buy it. >> reporter: and they must dodge amtrak police. >> we were bathing in rivers, and cooking in the woods. actively evading the police. >> reporter: he says soldiers miss something poignant. >> it's something they have in combat they can't get in soci y society. the powerful bonds of brotherhood. >> reporter: he first met
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brendan as a soldier i in "restrepo." >> i watched people literally die for each other and i come back to a society that honks at me if i don't take a turn fast enough. >> brendan always did what had to be done. walking ahead so not everyone would have to walk it. he would run it and come back. that's the brendan i remembered from afghanistan. >> reporter: he's now been sober for a year. >> soldiers come back with a very unified experience.
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but we're a very divided society, and i think it's apalling the soldiers. >> reporter: in the film, all four are troubled by post-traumatic stress. >> i don't deal with death. that's not a good thing for me to see, ever. >> it really triggered a reaction in brendan. and dave, he said if you really don't care if the dog got killed, is it if you have ptsd? which is it? >> reporter: for the men on the last patrol, the journey is a way to finally move on. >> this long walk, do you think it's helped make the transition
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from combat reporter to whatever you would call yourself now? >> i'm here. and i think about it, i think, you know, why i'm here, and this happened, what can i do? like, you know, it's in your mind. you know, it's, otherwise you go, and people don't remember. makes you face your problems. >> reporter: and guillermo returned to the front lines in ukraine. but junger says he's truly done in combat. making this a search for meaning outside the combat zone. did this help you find meaning? >> i guess what you're asking, what it did do, allow me to construct something good out of
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something bad. >> a fitting tribute. "the last patrol" premieres november 10th on hbo. next, we'll take you from the highest highs to the lowest lows. a sometimes death-defying view. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now save $400 on the c4 mattress set.
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♪ you know, go pro cameras can famously survive the elements. tonight, we're launching them into the air. thanks to our correspondents two
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actually agreed to go sky diving on camera. from breathtaking heights to daring depths. home video can give others a new perspective on life. thanks to nick woodman who strapped a camera to his hands, and a new wave of film making was born. >> it was like my own discovery channel show. >> and now youtube stars can be born with stunning povs like this. the power is from the spectacular vantage point. and today, you are coming with me on a sky dive.
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go pro went live on the air, in the air. ginger zee, taking one deep breath, and bringing "good morning america" viewers along for the ride. jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet. every second of the ride caught on tape. >> it feels amazing. >> and thanks to the parachute, floating back to earth. >> i got a thrill just watching. thank you for watching. tune in for "good morning america" tomorrow. and we're always online. good night, america.
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♪ >> welcome to inside the eagles i'm your host beyond dorenbos this week we will go to todd herremans and jayson
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killcy on a polar bear pluck. we will will go with matt barley and lane johnson partner up in in tabo. >> as you can see to my right i'm joined by all pro guard he have a answer mathis who within co hosting as donnie jones. >> he has been punted this week. >> so, are you intimidate todd take this role because you are standing next to a.m.a. award winning host. >> yes, scary. >> okay. >> good talking. >> monday night, you have been out a few weeks. how excited are you to get back on the field monday night. >> very excited. been a long time coming. i have only played in the second quarter of the first game. this is now week ten. a as chip put it i'm chomping at the bit. >> nick foles went down this week. mark sanchez is coming in. what has he shown you as you step in the leadership role and run this offense and it will not slow down at all. >> chip's methodology for his quarterback is to have at


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